uPVC Casing Pipes

PolyRajTM offers uPVC Casing Pipes manufactured using virgin grade un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride suitable for domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural tube well and bore well applications which ensure better flow of water and low frictional losses.

Product Range
  • Manufactured as per IS-12818:2013 standard for Unplasticized PVC-U Screen & Casing Pipes for Bore / Tubewells.
  • Options of pressure rating : Medium Well Screen (RMS) Pipe with Ribs, Medium Deep Well Screen (RDS) Pipe with Ribs, Plain Medium Well Screen (PMS) Pipe, Plain Deep Well Screen (PDS) Pipe, Medium Well Casing (CM) Pipe, Shallow Well Casing (CS) Pipe & Deep Well Casing (CD) Pipe.
  • Options of sizes : 100 DN to 400 DN.
  • Options of pipe length : 3 meter / 6 meter.
  • Options of colour : Blue / As per customer requirement.
Features and Benefits
  • Suitable for all Types of Soil
  • Maintenance Free
  • Free from Corrosion & Rusting
  • Resistant to Chemical Reaction
  • Resistant to Biological Formation
  • Easy Installation & Joining
  • High Precision Trapezoidal Threads
  • Strong & Durable
  • Smooth Internal Surface
  • Low Friction Loss
  • UV Stabilized / Suitable for Outdoor Applications

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