uPVC Rigid Pipes & Fittings

PolyRajTM offers uPVC Rigid Pressure Pipes & Fittings manufactured using virgin grade un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride are ideal for use in variety of applications like agriculture, irrigation, water supply, industrial process lines, swimming pools, firefighting mains, etc.

Product Range
  • Manufactured as per IS-4985:2000 standard for Unplasticized PVC Pipes for Potable Water Supply.
  • Options of pressure rating : Class-1 (2.5 kg), Class-2 (4 kg), Class-3 (6 kg), Class-4 (8 kg), Class-5 (10 kg) & Class-6 (12.5 kg).
  • Fittings manufactured as per IS-7834:1987 standard for Injection Moulded PVC Fittings with Solvent Cement Joints for Water Supplies.
  • Options of Solvent Cement Joint and Elastomeric Rubber Sealing Ring Joint.
  • Options of sizes : 20 mm to 315 mm.
  • Options fittings sizes : 20 mm to 110 mm.
  • Options of pipe length : 6 meter.
  • Options of colour : Grey / As per customer requirement.
Features and Benefits
  • Easy Handling, Transportation & Installation
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Non Conductive
  • Long Life Cycle
  • Ease of Use
  • Better Flow for Optimum Yields
  • Leak Proof Jointing System
  • High Strength & Durability
  • Non Reactive to Acidic and Alkali Substances
  • UV Stabilized / Suitable for Outdoor Applications
  • UV Stabilized / Suitable for Outdoor Applications

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